Timber and Sheet Materials

Timber and Sheet Materials

Huge range of timber always in stock. At ABC Depot we offer a great range of high-quality sheet materials as sawn or treated timber, plywood, MDF board, and OSB boards.

WBP plywood is a sheet material manufactured by gluing together several thin layers of softwood or hardwood veneers. 

All of our structural sawn and treated timber is kiln-dried to reduce shrinkage, pressure treated with Tanalith E to stop the rot, regularised to ensure consistent size, and has eased edges to make manual handling of the timber easier.

Chipboard is also known as particleboard, it is the most popular timber panel, and the most cost-effective building material. It is made of wood chips that are cut to specific dimensions and glued together to form the board in layers.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood-based panel consisting of strands of wood which are bonded together with a synthetic resin; the strands are pressed together in layers. In the outer layers, strands are generally oriented longitudinally in line with the panel length, whereas in the middle layers strands generally lie in a cross-wise direction.