Keylite Integral Blind Roof Windows

The Keylite Integral Blind Roof Window can be installed in any sloping roof with a pitch 15º - 90º making it a simple and cost effective way of bringing natural light into your roof space.

  • Blind is permanently sealed within the double glazing unit - a totally dust free environment.
  • Requires NO CLEANING - ideal for sterile and/or hygienic environments eg. hospitals / surgeries.
  • Always appears new as it is protected from damage.
  • Provides enhanced sun-shading and improves the U-value of the sealed unit.
  • Is factory-fitted.
  • Available for the entire window range i.e. Centre Pivot, Top Hung, Fire Escape/Access, Conservation and White Finish Windows. In standard sizes only.
  • Window U-Value: 1.4 w/m²k (double glazed)

Comes with Keylite's 10 year hassle free guarantee.

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