Keylite Top-Hung Roof Windows

The Keylite Top Hung/Fire Escape Roof Window opens to 45˚. Applications of this window are ideal in roofs with low pitches.

  • Means of Escape - As a means of escape, the window will open to an unobstructed area to accommodate for a safe exit, in the event of an emergency. The opening handle located at the bottom of the window is easily accessible.
  • Ease of Use – The multi stop opening feature allows the user to simply open the window and extend it to any position between 0˚and 45˚ where the window will remain open for maximum flexibility.
  • Integrated Thermal Collar - Unlike other roof windows Keylite’s thermal collar is integrated into the frame. The collar is activated by simply pulling the release tabs for a fast insulation solution, combating cold bridging.
  • Flick-Fit Brackets - Keylite’s unique Flick-Fit brackets are prefitted so you can lift the window straight from the box to the roof and simply select the setting for tile or slate
  • Click-Fit Hood - Simply click the hood under the clips and secure. The cover flashings now require 50% fewer screws than before
  • Recessed Fit as Standard - Every Keylite Futuretherm window is recessed as standard, sitting lower in the roof than ever before.
  • Low Profile Hood - Keylite’s new hood has a lower profile and features a more sculptured design, enhancing its appearance in the roof.
  • Warm Edge Glazing - Every Keylite Futuretherm window now has a warm edge glazing unit as standard, to enhance the windows performance and reduce the occurrence of condensation.
  • All Weather Ventilation - Keylite roof windows all provide trickle ventilation, even with the window fully closed and securely locked. The built in ventilation filter ensures no insects pass into the room, only clean fresh air.
  • Maintenance Free Hinge - The hinge being the most vital component of the window, is the only operational part that moves. Keylite has eliminated the maintenance requirement of this component.
  • Sash Finger Springs - The sash hinge finger spring allows the sash to be installed back into the frame in one smooth effortless motion.

The Keylite Top Hung/ Fire Escape roof window is operated manually as standard, through rotating the handle, located along the bottom of the sash. This operation is made easy by the powerful pneumatic spring system. Although hinged at the top for Fire Escape purposes, the Keylite Top Hung/ Fire Escape roof window retains its ventilation flap and centre-pivoting hinge for cleaning purposes.

Comes with Keylite's 10 year hassle free guarantee.

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