FAKRO Flat Roof Windows

Although there are huge benefits to having natural light, it is not always possible to install standard vertical windows in a building with a flat roof. Every room should provide a source of natural light for the occupants to feel comfortable.

The best solution is the installation of specially designed flat roof windows.

FAKRO flat roof windows illuminate interiors with natural light, providing room ventilation and combining high functionality with perfect thermal insulation parameters. Now every room under the flat roof can be warm and full of natural light.

The EF_ Flat Roof System makes it possible to install windows on flat or very low-pitched roofs. The system elevates the installation angle of the window by 15° in relation to the roof pitch. The system is mainly used in order to provide some more natural light into factories and warehouses while at the same time maintaining good thermo-insulating properties.

The EFR flat roof gable is similar to EFW flat roof, but a much more advanced system. It is an aesthetic and highly effective solution to illuminate the rooms in buildings with low angle roofs.

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