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Keylite Sun Lite Systems

A Keylite Sun Lite brings natural daylight into areas where conventional roof windows cannot be used.

Sunlight is reflected from the surface of the light tube and is directed downwards towards the diffuser. The diffuser which is located in the ceiling, evenly dispenses natural light, lighting the room. A Sunlite system can make up the main lighting in a room or add additional natural light to a dark area.

  • Available with a ‘rigid’ or ‘flexible’ light tube, to suit your roof design.
  • Saves on energy and transforms dark or windowless rooms. Ideal for bathrooms, stairways and corridors.
  • Double glazed ceiling diffuser with white ceiling trim.
  • Reduce the need for additional ceiling fittings by integrating the fluorescent lamp option to any Sunlite rigid system.
  • Magnetic fixings allow for quick installation and easy cleaning of ceiling diffuser.
  • Click fit installation.
  • Exterior Self-Cleaning Glass ensuring maximum daylight is achieved and is simple to maintain.
  • Ventilated with unique fittings at both roof and ceiling levels, which combat the risk of condensation.

Keylite Sun Lite systems have a 10 year guarantee.

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