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FAKRO Smoke Ventilation Roof Windows

Fire and smoke pose a serious threat to human life and health. Contrary to popular belief, over 90% of fire related deaths are caused by smoke suffocation, and not by high temperature or burning. Smoke also causes considerable damage to property. Applying appropriate smoke and heat escape systems can provide considerable help in preventing the dangers caused by high concentrations of smoke and heat. The FAKRO smoke ventilation window FSP with a motor operated by smoke control unit co-operating with smoke sensor and alarm switch creates a so-called smoke and heat carrying away gravitational unit. The system is applied in public buildings (especially in stairways and in blocks of flats, hotels etc.).

The system enables automatic or manual opening of the smoke ventilation window which extracts excessive heat, smoke and toxic gases released during a fire. Above all, it enables the avenues of retreat from the building to be smoke free, thus making evacuation easier. It also helps to localise the source of fire and allows faster fire extinguishing.

The sensor after detecting fire sends a signal to the control unit which, in turn, automatically activates electric motors opening the window. If the fire is noticed prior to the fire reaction sensor, e.g. visually, the smoke ventilation window can be opened manually by means of pressing the fire alarm button RT 45. The system also allows daily room ventilation using the LT 84U ventilation switch. After the programmed ventilation time elapses, the window closes automatically. It is also possible to connect to the system, the ZRD rain sensor, which shuts the window automatically in case of rain. In the event of fire, signals from the sensor do not interfere with window operating.

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