Plumbfit Plumbing System

Plumbfit is a flexible plumbing system, tailor-made for the professional plumbing and heating installer who wants a high quality system that is simple to fit, durable in use, yet competitively priced. The system offers a comprehensive choice of pipe and fittings in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, suitable for all hot and cold plumbing and central heating systems. It can be used in both sealed and open vented systems and has been designed to withstand constant pressure at high temperatures.

Plumbfit's combination of low thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use in central heating systems. The flexible nature of the pipe allows a 'cabling' option, which speeds up pipework routing significantly. It will also 'cable' through joists easily, thus dispensing with the time consuming task of pipe bending and joint compressing in confined areas.

Plumbfit piping is so flexible that it can be bent to 12 times its diameter without the need for a joint. Moreover, when you unravel a coil, the piping will straighten and lay flat immediately. Few tools are needed to complete even the most complex pipework systems. Joints are push-fit for simplicity and speed of installation

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